Vallø Castle

Vallø Castle

Have a wander through the beautiful castle grounds at Vallø Castle, just 7 km from Køge & Vallø Camping. It is a special experience to walk through these English-style landscaped gardens. Here you will find rare old trees such as katsura, dove-trees, gingko, wingnut trees, tulip trees and flowering ash.

The Castle itself, with its unique story, is closed to the public. But when you are walking in the grounds and around the castle, you can sense the presence of history right back to the 1300s. In 1708 King Frederik IV bought Vallø and made a present of it to his consort, later queen Anne Sophie Reventlow.

After the death of the king in 1730 Anne Sophie was banished to Clausholm, and the new king, Christian VI, handed over Vallø estate to his queen, Sophie Magdalene. The queen set up Vallø Stift as a self-owned foundation on November 28th, 1737.

HM Queen Margrethe II is now the protector of Vallø Stift.

The countryside around the castle is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and very pleasant to drive or walk through. With its lime avenues, historical buildings, and Vallø Castle Street – truly the landscape of a stately home.

The Vallø castle grounds are open to the public every day from 8 a.m. to sunset. Admission is free. The castle itself is not open to visitors, as it is a private residence. But visitors may look into the palace courtyard between 10:00 and 18:00.

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