Accommodation options

Sleeping in the countryside and fresh air has been our hallmark since 1962. Spending the night in the countryside whilst at the same time being close to towns like Køge and Copenhagen.

The atmosphere at Køge & Vallø Camping is relaxed and friendly. We often say that the sun always shines over Vallø. And if there should be a day without sunshine, the good atmosphere makes sure everyone stays in a sunny mood anyway.

There are many ways of spending the night here. We have a huge area for tents, where you can park your car or bike next to your tent.

We have plenty of good pitches with electricity for both caravans and campervans, some sunny and some shady so you’re sure to find something you like.

We have 4 modern and luxurious cabins of 45m2 with kitchen, living room and bath and 3 rooms. They contain everything you can think of in comfort.

Furthermore we have 25 charming and affordable camping cabins. So whether your aim is to spend time in the countryside or to find an affordable way of staying close to Copenhagen, we have the solution for you.

We look forward to seeing you at Køge & Vallø Camping.

Experiences on and near the campsite

Køge & Vallø Camping boasts the perfect location for weeks of adventures, both on-site, in the immediate vicinity and in the general area. Køge & Vallø Camping has a perfect location on the island Zeeland and in Køge takes it only 10 minutes by walking, then you are in the center of Køge and at the mainstation. This page gives you an overview of just some of the options.