Camping holiday with the right mood

If you are coming with your own caravan, we have a pitch for you. There are pitches with sunshine, shade, wind protection and great views. If you can’t quite find the right spot we will be happy to help you. We also have different sizes of pitch, so there is actually no limit on how big your caravan can be.

A camping holiday at Køge & Vallø Camping provides many opportunities to relax in nature and to enjoy the city, beach and woods. The atmosphere of a campsite is something special, allowing you to set the pace of your holiday. Read more about what you can do here on our page about experiences.

The distance to the center of Køge and the mainstation is only 1 km. It takes 10 minutes by walking.

You can choose your own spot on our map of the campsite when booking online. All the pitches that can be booked online have access to electricity.

We look forward to welcoming you on a camping holiday at Køge & Vallø Camping.

Campingprices 2024

Prices include hot water for showers and 1 hour free Wi-Fi per day (the site is only partially covered).

Price per night
ADULTS (from age 13) DKK 110,-
CHILDREN (age 2-12) DKK 60,-
DOG DKK 10,-

Tips for holidays with a caravan

To-do list for holidays with a caravan

to-do list for holidays with a caravan
It can feel like there are a million things to do and pack before you set off on your caravan adventure. When packing everything from fishing gear to your toothbrush, preparations can sometimes take several days. Anything you can do in advance will make the job less stressful and help you get on the road sooner.


You’ll probably find yourself taking slightly different items on each trip depending on the location and duration, but there are plenty of items that are essential on every trip. Keep a list of these essentials to ensure you don’t leave home without them.



  • – Food
  • – Snacks
  • – Beverage
  • – Plates
  • – Flatware
  • – Frying pan
  • – Pots
  • – Kitchen utensils
  • – Bread basket
  • – Chopping board
  • – Strain


Living room & bedroom:

  • – Magazines, TV, radio
  • – Bedding and clothes
  • – Storage for garden furniture and larger hobby items



  • – Towels
  • – Toiletries
  • – Toilet paper


Gas box:

  • – One to two gas bottles
  • – Power cable
  • – Adapters
  • – Wedge
  • – Sewage bag or sewage tank
  • – Spare wheel
  • – Plow hammer

Packing of caravan

When packing, there are some simple rules to follow:

The light things must always be stored in the upper cupboards.

The heavy items such as canned goods, drinks, books etc. should be placed above the axle and as low as possible.

Place the heavy items as close to the bottom as possible, and as close to the shaft as possible

If you place something heavy all the way at the back, there is an easy imbalance in the trailer, and in the worst case scenario the caravan can roll.


You can advantageously pack so that the entire load capacity is not used, if you want to bring wine, beer or other things home from holiday, for example. Alternatively, it can be packed in the car if there is room for it.


The weight MUST always be observed The load weight can be read on the vehicle’s registration certificate. For caravans, load capacity is equal to the difference between net weight and total weight. The total weight must never be exceeded. That is: Own weight + Load capacity = Total weight

Experiences on and near the campsite

Køge & Vallø Camping boasts the perfect location for weeks of adventures, both on-site, in the immediate vicinity and in the general area. Køge & Vallø Camping has a perfect location on the island Zeeland and in Køge takes it only 10 minutes by walking, then you are in the center of Køge and at the mainstation. This page gives you an overview of just some of the options.